First blog post


Greetings everyone!

This is my first blog post ever! In this post, I will try to explain the purpose of this blog along side with the fist topics that I am going to cover. First of all, I would like to thank each and every one of you for the time that you will dedicate to read my posts! Now, let the fun begins!

As the title of the web page states, in this blog, I will analyze Data Mining algorithms implemented in Python. In the future, I would like to make some tutorials too, about Python language, C/C++ language, BioInformatics algorithms etc…

Considering Data Mining posts, I will start presenting methods and Python libraries that are used to collect data, something like urllib2, beautifulsoup4, lxml, scrapy, tweety and many more! So my first goal is to show you a method to collect data from the Internet, after that we will be able to process them with many more algorithms and methods and in the final process, extract information from them!

For each project I do and each line of code I post, I will upload everything to my personal GitHub with an appropriate link provided.



Siaterlis Konstantinos

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