Digit Recognizer (Kaggle) with Keras

Recently, I got addicted to Kaggle and I started playing with all kinds of competitions. My first one it was the default (way to go) on Deep Learning. None other than the classifying handwritten digits using the MNIST dataset. I managed to hit a good 99.1% accuracy in the validation round! I figured to share … Continue reading Digit Recognizer (Kaggle) with Keras

Review: Machine Learning with Python Cookbook

Recently, I purchased the book Machine Learning with Python Cookbook by Chris Albon (@chrisalbon). I finished it in one week, while I followed each piece of code on my computer. In this post, I will review this book and at the end, I will conclude with my proposition to buy or not to buy. Contents … Continue reading Review: Machine Learning with Python Cookbook

Convolutional NN with Keras and SageMaker

In today’s post, I am going to show you how you can use Amazon’s SageMaker to classify images from the CIFAR-10 dataset using Keras with MXNet backend. For this tutorial, you do not need the GPU version of Tensorflow. This tutorial is a continuation of my previous one, Convolutional NN with Keras Tensorflow on CIFAR-10 Dataset, … Continue reading Convolutional NN with Keras and SageMaker

#Python in May, PyCon 2018

This time of the year has come! Pycon 2018 just took place at Cleaveland, Ohio at 9-17 May. It was an amazing conference with a lot of new and revised ideas! Recently I've noticed a tweet from Python Software with all the videos from PyCon, thanks to my friend @mpetyx who also wrote an amazing article, Third Week … Continue reading #Python in May, PyCon 2018