A Simsons Chatbot (Keras and SageMaker) – Part 1: Introduction

I was thinking of creating a series, instead of individual posts, for Deep Learning projects, for some time now and I concluded that they are more lightheaded and easy to follow, so here I am! In this series, we are going to create a chatbot using Keras and SageMaker. I will try to explain the … Continue reading A Simsons Chatbot (Keras and SageMaker) – Part 1: Introduction

Review: Machine Learning with Python Cookbook

Recently, I purchased the book Machine Learning with Python Cookbook by Chris Albon (@chrisalbon). I finished it in one week, while I followed each piece of code on my computer. In this post, I will review this book and at the end, I will conclude with my proposition to buy or not to buy. Contents … Continue reading Review: Machine Learning with Python Cookbook

#Python in May, PyCon 2018

This time of the year has come! Pycon 2018 just took place at Cleaveland, Ohio at 9-17 May. It was an amazing conference with a lot of new and revised ideas! Recently I've noticed a tweet from Python Software with all the videos from PyCon, thanks to my friend @mpetyx who also wrote an amazing article, Third Week … Continue reading #Python in May, PyCon 2018

Preprocessing a Dataset

In this blog post, we are going to talk about preprocessing in order to have a robust dataset for our model. When we are given a dataset, it is really important to understand it and by understanding, I mean to find the key features. This is not always the case, because we may have a … Continue reading Preprocessing a Dataset