An Introduction to Sentiment Analysis with Python

For the past few months, I am working on a project and the time for the official release is coming closer and closer. I and my colleagues had put a lot of thought and work to it, in order to provide the best possible experience to the consumer. So, I came up with the idea … Continue reading An Introduction to Sentiment Analysis with Python

Preprocessing a Dataset

In this blog post, we are going to talk about preprocessing in order to have a robust dataset for our model. When we are given a dataset, it is really important to understand it and by understanding, I mean to find the key features. This is not always the case, because we may have a … Continue reading Preprocessing a Dataset

Instead of scraping, use APIs

Uncontrollable and amateur scraping can really hurt a website. The best option to extract information from the web is through APIs. Nowadays, almost every single service has an API server where you can query and get data, Facebook has the dev.facebook, Twitter also, even Amazon! It is always best to plan and think before going … Continue reading Instead of scraping, use APIs